Phyllis Schlafly: Disqualify Rubio for Lying About Amnesty in Spanish Language Interview

National Journal: Luntz Fails to Disclose Rubio Connection

Marco Rubio's 7 Top Achievements in U.S. Senate

A Socialist Nearly Won Iowa. Will The Media Stop Obsessing About Donald Trump 24/7?

Maher: The More You Know About Islam, The More Afraid Of It You Are, Intolerant Christians 'Really Aren't a Problem'

We are witnessing the end of the House of Clinton

Is Trump Really The Genius Self-Made Billionaire He Plays On TV

The Voters' Trump Love Affair Explained in Terms Even Beltway Pundits Can Understand

Trump: So What If I'm 'A Little Establishment'?

10 Questions Donald Trump Supporters Need To Consider

Trump: National Review 'Failing Badly... Not Going to Be Around Long'

Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton 'Should Be Indicted'

Gowdy: Witnesses have confirmed stand-down order on night of Benghazi

Paul Ryan Has Already Broken Most of His New Year's Resolutions with Omnibus Betrayal

Obama the Sneak to increase number of licensed gun dealers so he can persecute them with illegal executive orders...

...And the pussies in the GOP will let him get away with it. Yeah, we said it

FACING THE MUSIC - Rahm Emanuel cuts vacation to tackle latest cop shooting

Star Wars: The Liberal Menace

Obama Having Trouble Bringing Iran Nuclear Deal Home

Special Report: Pentagon thwarts Obama's effort to close Guantanamo

'It's Because I'm Black, Isn't It?': Obama Misunderstands the Country, Not the Other Way Around

Why Are Many Diseases Back, Decades After Being Wiped Out in the U.S.?

Republican Lawmakers Laugh In Paul Ryan's Face For Trusting Harry Reid

Mitch McConnell's Biggest Ally in 2015 Was Democrats

Confirmed: American Left Has Resorted to Nazi Brown Shirt Tactics to Take Down Donald Trump

Dispelling the 'Few Extremists' Myth - the Muslim World Is Overcome with Hate

Counterterrrorism Chairman Defends Calls for Mosque Surveillance: 'That's Where the Threat is Coming From'

Jaw Dropping Federal Complaint -
"Actual Charging Document" Against San Bernardino Co-Conspirator

The warped world of our delusional president

Obama Is Not Who We Are

President Obama's phantom climate change agreement

Barack Obama and the End of Western Civilization

Sen. Toomey: Obamacare in 'Death Spiral'

Inside the Botched Rescue of Bowe Bergdahl

Obama Releases Dangerous Jihadists - Then Misleads Country About It

Looney Tunes Obama: Climate change deal forged in Paris is 'best chance' to save the planet

Global Marxism: Paris Climate Deal Calls for America to Redistribute Wealth to 'Developing' Countries

Left Targets Trump By Finding Nutty Supporters.
OK, So Let's Meet Some Obama and Hillary Supporters

Report: Most Gun Control Policies Ineffective at Preventing Gun Crime

House report: Obama officials misled public on Bergdahl swap

Why Trump's Winning: 9 Facts About Islam The Media Doesn't Want You To Know

It's Shariah, Stupid

Pamela Geller:
If Loretta Lynch Wants to Ban 'Violent Talk,' She Should Ban the Quran

On ISIS, Barack Obama Is Baghdad Bob

ISIS claims responsibility: says California killers were their followers

Hillary Clinton, Martin O'Malley Race to Politicize San Bernardino Mass Shooting (Update: Sanders, too)

Skeptical Climate Documentary Set to Rock UN Climate Summit - 'Climate Hustle' To Have Red Carpet Premiere in Paris

Twelve Reasons Why The Paris Climate Talks Are A Total Waste

Obama Admin Sneaks Out 144 Big Regulations Right Before Thanksgiving

Media That Claimed Bush Chilled Speech Strangely Quiet Under Obama

Obama uses Thanksgiving address to scold Americans over Syrian refugees

WH: Americans Should Talk About Gun Control 'Around the Thanksgiving Table'

ON THEIR TRAIL: FBI teams tracking at least 48 high-risk ISIS suspects

With Americans shaken by terrorism, Obama defaults to snide lecturing

President Mom Jeans Fiddles While the World Burns

Obama administration released illegal immigrant children to criminals' homes

Barack Obama Dropped Leaflets- Gave ISIS 45 Minutes Before Bombing Them

Obama in Malaysia Slaps U.S. for Hypocrisy, 'Growing Inequality,' Problems in 'Our Political System'

Exposed: Obama's Love for Jihadis and Hate for Christians

The End of Obamaworld

Obama in Malaysia: 'You'll See Oceans Rise...More Drought, More Flooding, Bigger Hurricanes, Typhoons'

'Nonsense': Top Scientists Demolish Alarmism Behind UN Climate Summit

Obamacare in Death Spiral as UnitedHealth Announces Pullout

Barack Obama: Worst. President. Ever.

President Obama's Cynical Refugee Ploy

Not even President Bush's decision to go to war in Iraq
has been as destructive for Europe or as damaging to the
Transatlantic alliance as President Obama's hard-hearted
and short-sighted Syria policy.

Cruz to the press: What if illegal immigration lowered your wages?

Rubio on Minimum Wage: 'We Need More Welders and Less Philosophers'

'Separation of powers remains the law of the land': Appeals Court Stops Obama's Executive Amnesty

38 Falsehoods Found In Obama Bio

Actor James Woods SHREDS Liberal Media for Latest Attacks on Dr. Ben Carson

Politico Admits Fabricating A Hit Piece On Ben Carson

Politico Edits Ben Carson Hit Piece, Drops Claims Of 'Fabrication'

Even Bill O'Reilly got the Carson story WRONG (VIDEO)

No, Ben Carson Didn't Lie About West Point. It's Another Media Hit Job

Team Carson: 'Politico Story Is An Outright LIE'

Video Proof: CNN's Attack On Ben Carson's Biography Is Racially-Motivated

Carson's late-night Facebook manifesto: Why I have the experience to be president

Fiorina: Conservative Women, Conservative Blacks 'Held to a Different Standard'

Obamacare Is Dead

Obamacare Premiums To Soar 3 Times Faster Than Feds Claim

Ben Carson support stretches beyond evangelical conservative base

BIPARTISAN DRUBBING: CNBC moderators blasted after third GOP debate/STRONG>

Surprise! John Harwood Lied About Marco Rubio's Tax Plan

PROPAGANDA: 81 Major Corporations--Including Google, Facebook, Coca Cola, General Motors--Sign WH Pledge to Back Global Climate Change Deal

Can the Democrats Mainstream Socialism?

US confirms Iran tested nuclear-capable ballistic missile

Chuck Woolery: 'The Nazis Were Socialists. They Were Left'

The American boy arrested for making a clock meets Sudan's president, an accused war criminal

State Dept won't list examples of Israel 'excessive' force... because there aren't any

Obama ignores generals' advice on troop levels for unprecedented sixth time

'A Slap In The Face To Obama': Cuban Troops Fight For Assad In Syria

Top Physicist Freeman Dyson: Obama 'Took the Wrong Side' on Climate Change

The study published by Harvard that gun-grabbers fear

FBI Director: Islamic State Recruiting '24 Hours a Day' in All 50 States

US official: Russians 'deliberately' attacking US-backed Syrian fighters

Palestine: The Psychotic Stage

Faking Race on the Left

Obama Peddles Gun Control Fable

Bill Maher, Richard Dawkins Denounce 'Regressive Leftists' For Granting 'Free Pass' To Islam

Muslim Dad Kills 4 Year-Old Daughter for Not Covering Her Head

Netanyahu on Nuke Deal: 'Iran Will Go on the Prowl, Devouring More and More Prey'

Obama Pulled John Kerry and Samantha Power From Netanyahu UN Speech

14 shot in 15 hours in Chicago; Rahm says guns are the problem

Obama Warns Christians: Gay Rights More Important Than Religious Freedom

151 Murders in St. Louis - City Faces Record Homicide Rate Since #BlackLivesMatter Riots

Carly Fiorina tops Hillary Clinton in head-to-head matchup: poll

Iran Promises To Violate Nuke Deal

OH, the Irony: CAIR Ejects Breitbart From Anti-Carson Press Conference

Donald Trump says he has no obligation to defend Obama
BSB: He's right, and we think it was a plant

Lawmaker: Terror intel manipulation dates back to at least 2012

As I See It: Game-changer: Iran's involvement with 9/11

Obama's Intel Scandal

Federal Data: U.S. Annually Admits Quarter Of A Million Muslim Migrants

Iran says finds unexpectedly high uranium reserve

Iran's Supreme Leader Threatens America in ISIS-like Propaganda Video

Clerks, Judges, And The Decline of Our Moral Society (BSB Commentary)

Judge Releases County Clerk Kim Davis from Kentucky Jail

MLK Cites Boston Tea Party:
'We Are In Good Company When We Break Unjust Laws'

"...and I don't think any society can call a individual irresponsible who breaks a law and willingly accepts the penalty..."


An Anti-American White House: Barack Obama's presidency has empowered the adversaries of the United States

Milwaukee Sheriff: Obama 'Started This War on Police'


ABC News Still Sitting On Killer's Full 'Race War' Manifesto

Obama's DOJ Abuses the Courts to Change Election Rules

Bishop Jackson: If Planned Parenthood Founder Had Her Way MLK, Rosa Parks Wouldn't Have Been Born

White House concedes new gun laws wouldn't have stopped Va. gunman

SURPRISE! Jorge Ramos's daughter works for Hillary campaign

Watch: Jorge Ramos Escorted Out Of Trump's Iowa Presser

DONALD TRUMP Weighs in on Market Crisis: "I've Been Telling Everybody... China Could Bring Us Down"

Sweet Home Alabama: Donald Trump Draws Unprecedented Crowd In Mobil

CNN: 30,000 turn out for Trump's Alabama pep rally

Donald Trump before a rousing audience in Mobile: 'We are going to make America better than it's ever been'

Trump pushes birthright citizenship to forefront of political debate

Young Black Conservative Woman Issues Blistering Takedown of George Takei, Other 'Leftist Racists' (VIDEO)

V.A. Scandal Linked To Obama

BREAKING: Obama Admin Knew Al-Qaeda Was Planning Attack in Benghazi 10 DAYS IN ADVANCE

James Madison and Alexander Hamilton discuss President Barack Obama

Dem Gov Peter Wolf like Obama illegally creates executive orders, based on no powers given to him, in an effort to get what he wants politically

The Benghazi Bonanza: A Bipartisan Scandal

For The Record: Zero Footprint - What really happened in Benghazi Should Anger Every American (VIDEO)

... A Confrontation That Needs To Be Had & Settled

The Truth About Benghazi Slowly Emerges

Obama-Clinton Benghazi narrative rebutted by Defense Department report

BREAKING REPORT: SMOKING GUN! US Was Running Weapons Thru Benghazi to Syria

Obama Snatched Ramadi Defeat from Bush Victory

The US Lost 1,335 Soldiers in Anbar - ISIS Just Took it Back ...Thanks Obama

Glenn Beck Unleashes on Comedy Central Host Over Free Speech Comments: 'What the Hell Is Wrong With You?'

Radical Imam Tells Pamela Geller on Live TV She Should be SLAUGHTERED (VIDEO)

Socially liberal Jews go Republican over Israel

New York Magazine Hides Texas Shooter's Muslim Religion

ISIS-linked social media accounts reportedly claim responsibility for Texas shooting

George W. Bush Bashes Obama on Middle East

Anti-Israel PLO Ally Hosted for Meeting At White House

$50B 'SIGNING BONUS' FOR IRAN? State Dept. mulls cash for nuke deal

FLASHBACK:  Remember when Bill Clinton paid N Korea to not build a nuclear bomb?


Iran President: Us Needs Deal More Than We Do

Boko Haram adopts ISIS goal to wipe out Christians

Israel: Iran Boosts Weapon Shipments to Hamas, Hezbollah in Expectation of Lifted Sanctions

Netanyahu responds to Obama challenge for a Better Iran Nuclear Deal

'Islam Is a Very Dark Theory': How the Son of a Founding Member of Hamas Rejected Extremism and Converted to Christianity

Iran: No Nuke Inspections!



Netanyahu pollster: Obama role in election larger than reported

McCain to Obama: 'Get over your temper tantrum, Mr. President' and focus on ISIS, not Irael

Obama rips Netanyahu's election rhetoric, says US will 'evaluate' options on Mid East talks

Obama And Media Lied About Netanyahu The Palestinian State


Khamenei calls 'Death to America' as Kerry hails progress on nuke deal

Iran's Ayatollah: Introduce Youth of America, Europe to 'the Islam of Jihad'

Netanyahu's Victory and Obama's Response

Our Supreme Leader Is A Supreme Fool



Investigation of State Dept Funding Anti Netanyahu Groups in Israel

Five Lessons American Conservatives Should Learn From Netanyahu

Ethics in the Age of Obama



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Errors detected in Iowa Democratic caucus results

Clinton: 'I am 100 Percent Confident' Nothing will Come of FBI Investigation into Emails (VIDEO)

Hillary's nearly inevitable downfall is getting interesting

Sanders supporters boo DNC chair at N.H. dinner party

Judge Wants Explanation from State Department on 'Newly' Discovered Clinton Records

Ed Klein: Hillary's Feeling the Bern - From FBI Director James Comey

Clinton Caucus Caught On Camera Committing Voter Fraud In Iowa?

Report: 43% of Democrats TOO SOCIALIST to Vote for Hillary

'This was all planned': Former IG says Hillary, State Dept. are lying

Judicial Watch Releases Independent Counsel Memo Laying Out Criminal Case against Hillary Clinton in Whitewater Land Scandal

Hillary's "blame-men-first" feminism may prove costly in 2016

FBI going 'right to the source' in Clinton email probe, interviewing intel agencies

How the FBI Could Force DOJ to Prosecute Hillary Clinton

Hillary's email scandal now potentially a matter of high treason

OUCH! Bernie Supporter Tells Hillary Clinton She's Dishonest at Dem Town Hall (VIDEO)

TOO MUCH SHARING AT STATE? New video suggests Clinton, aides used BlackBerries for sensitive info

Trump Beating Clinton in Key Democrat Demographics

Hillary Clinton Denies Wall Street Is Buying Her Influence With Speaking Fees: 'Absolutely Not'

How Hillary Got Classified Information Onto Her Private Email

What can the FBI do about Hillary Clinton without a grand jury?

Email scandal puts Hillary Clinton's presidential aspirations in peril

Inspector General: Clinton emails had intel from most secretive, highly classified SAP programs

3 Stunning Indictments of Obama and Hillary in Benghazi Movie

More than 80 percent of active and retired military have unfavorable view of Hillary Clinton

Linda Tripp: 'Bill Had Affairs with Thousands of Women'

Top Google search: 'Will Hillary Clinton get prosecuted?'

How the State Department Caved to Hillary Clinton's Lawyer on Classified Emails

Sanders gaining ground on Clinton, in echoes of 2008

FLASHBACK: Hillary Blames "Awful Internet Video" for Benghazi Massacre in Front of Families (VIDEO)

'13 HOURS' REVIEW: Riveting Indictment Of Obama, Hillary, Mainstream Media

Benghazi Victim's Mother SCREAMS: "Hillary Is a Liar!" After Watching '13 Hours' (VIDEO)


Sanders campaign endorsed by

FBI's Clinton probe expands to public corruption track

The real email question: Did Hillary Clinton sell US secrets?

Hillary Clinton denies telling aide to send classified info over nonsecure channels

HUUUGGE! 20% of Democrats Will SWITCH PARTY to Vote TRUMP

'We were left behind': The Benghazi soldiers tell all

Hillary's EmailGate Goes Nuclear

'Sudden Death': Dr. Drew Warns of Coming Pulmonary Embolism with Hillary Clinton's 'Shoddy' Health

NOT KEEPING SECRETS? Clinton told aide to send sensitive info 'nonsecure', new email shows

State Department misled public on Clinton emails, investigation concludes

Law Enforcement Officials, Medical Professionals: There's Something Seriously Wrong With Hillary Clinton's Health

...Dr. Drew: 'I Hope She Has A Medical Team Attending To Her'

They Did It Again... Secret Service Blocks Reporters From Asking Hillary Questions in Nevada

The Pallid Prince: Bill Can't Save Hillary

Donald Trump: It Would Be Interesting to Ask Bill Clinton the Difference Between Him and Cosby

Bill's female 'fan club' backfires: As Hillary Clinton's husband hits stump for the first time the women on stage behind him scowl, grimace and look like they'd rather be ANYWHERE else

Trump to Hillary: If guns don't keep you safe, disarm your bodyguards

Democrats unsure Hillary Clinton can beat Donald Trump in general election

Liberal Media Gleefully Reports on Trump in Terrorist Video... Forgets to Mention Hillary Is in Same Video

Hillary Clinton LASHES OUT at Rape Survivor at NH Town Hall - After Questions About Husband Bill

Who's lying, Hillary or members of several Benghazi victims' families?

Hillary Nailed Again on Benghazi Lie in New Hampshire

Women victims of Bill and Hillary being victimized once again by a DC Media circling the wagons to protect Hillary

NOW more than 1,000 of Hillary Clinton's emails have been deemed classified - with two 'secret' emails found in the New Year's Eve State Department dump

Trump Sets Sights on Bill Clinton - And His Henchwomen

In Their Own Words: Why Bill's 'Bimbos' Fear Another Clinton Presidency

...Trump Warns Hillary About Sexist Card: Bill's 'Terrible Record Of Women Abuse'

Trump campaign: Hillary bullied women to hide Bill's 'sexist secrets'

Sanders Adviser Suggests Staffer That Breached Voter Data May Have Been DNC Plant

UH-OH HILLARY: Democrat Jim Webb Eyeing 2016 Run As An Independent?

Hillary Clinton Continues To Show Weakness Against Any GOP Opponent

MSNBC Host: Clinton 'Shows Up' 'Only When a Red Carpet Has Been Rolled Out'

Hillary's blindness to Muslim extremists is dangerous

No evidence for Hillary Clinton's claim that ISIS is using videos of Donald Trump as recruiting tool

Donald Trump Demands Hillary Apology For Video Lies About Him

Hillary: ISIS 'Showing Videos of Donald Trump...'to Recruit More Radical Jihadists;' Trump: 'Clinton Lied'

Even Huffington Post Says Hillary Clinton's Donald Trump/Islamic State Claim Is Bogus

CNN Anchor: Fact-Checkers Have Debunked Hillary's Trump Lie... "But We'll Leave That Aside" (VIDEO)

No Matter Who Wins the GOP Nomination, Hillary's Going to Have a Fight On Her Hand

Progressive Group Rebukes Clinton, Endorses Sanders

Hillary Says Relatives of Benghazi Heroes Are Liars

FAMILY TIES: Group wants Hillary probed over firm tied to son-in-law

Groups say Clinton 'sending mixed messages' on Islamophobia

Hillary Clinton's most repugnant lie

Forces were ready to go, never got State Dept. 'OK'

Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul: Hillary Clinton 'Responsible' for Islamic State

Hillary contradicts Benghazi families, denies blaming attacks on video at private meeting; Update: New email shows Pentagon offered to deploy rescue forces during attack

Clinton: We must 'up our game against terrorists' with tougher gun control(Yeah, she really said it)

Clinton email classification rate rises-
25 messages deemed 'classified,' one deemed 'secret' in new batch

Hillary Clinton's million little lies

The Clintons' Colombian connection: a secret investment fund

Hillary and Misogyny

Clinton Brags About Her Failed Foreign Policy Record As Secretary of State

Clueless Hillary: 'Muslims Have Nothing Whatsoever To Do With Terrorism'

The Secret Sex Abuse Victims of Bill Clinton

Clinton Rape Accuser Blasts 'Evil' Hillary for Covering Up Bill's Sexual Assaults: 'Shame on you!'

'Shame on You, Hillary, That's Disgusting': Hillary Clinton Tweets About Victims of Sex Abuse ... cough Bill cough

Clueless Clinton: Repeating the Words 'Radical Islamic Terrorism' is a Distraction, Plays Into Terrorists' Hands

Why Hillary And Obama Prefer Islam To Christianity

Clinton Foundation amends four years worth of tax returns

Court blow for Clinton: Judge orders release of 700 new docs

Signs emerge FBI investigation of Hillary emails has moved to a new, more serious stage

State Dept. withheld newly released Clinton classification forms from Congress

Will Clinton Foundation accounting fraud implicate a major accounting firm?

Hillary Clinton: A Lying Compilation (VIDEO)

MIXED MESSAGES: Latest Clinton emails belie her Benghazi testimony

Hillary Clinton cannot tell the truth

U.S. Embassy In Tripoli Urged Clinton's State Dept. To Stop Falsely Blaming Video for Benghazi Attack

Classification rate continues to rise in Clinton emails

Hillary Clinton's rogue agenda: Why Sid Blumenthal matters

CNBC Debate Executive Worked In The Clinton White House For Al Gore

State Dept: 268 More Hillary Clinton Emails with Classified Information

Clinton emails show increased Benghazi security for Libyan Prime Minister

White House Wants Clinton Emails Involving Obama Kept Private

Benghazi hearing resurrects YouTube controversy

Mother of Slain Benghazi American Explodes on Andrea Mitchell Reports: 'You Can't Understand!'

'Spin, spin, spin': Hillary Clinton's DOMA history re-write is a 'tilt-a-whirl of dishonesty'

Hillary Answers to the Left on 'The Rachel Maddow Show'

Ben Carson: I'd 'Relish' Running Against 'Poster Child' of Dishonesty Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's 5 Biggest Lies in Her Benghazi Testimony

Rep. Jim Jordan vs. Hillary Clinton: Why Did You Tell Egyptians Benghazi Was a Terrorist Attack But Not The American People?

Hillary Throws Ambassador Stevens Under The Bus

Dems on Benghazi Committee Did Everything They Could to Distract

Feds Have Spent More on Origami Condoms, Fat Lesbian Studies Than on Benghazi Committee

Even the NY Times knows Hillary is lying about Blumenthal

Hillary Told Daughter Chelsea That Terrorists Were Behind Benghazi Attack The Night
It Happened After She Told The American People It Was Because of a Video

Hillary Testifies: 'Sid Blumenthal was not my adviser, official or unofficial, on Libya'

ON THE ATTACK: Clinton team slams Benghazi panel ahead of testimony

Here's what to expect during Clinton's Benghazi hearing

Clinton State Department approved U.S. weapons shipment to Libya despite ban

New Info Reveals That Hillary Put Our Spies In Danger With Her Personal Email

Memos recovered from Benghazi compound detail staff security worries

Clinton suggests she'd consider mandatory gun buy-backs, sparking fears of 'confiscation'

State Dept. cybersecurity declined under Hillary Clinton, audits found

Clinton's Southern strategy? Hillary fakes her accent for local crowd

Huma on the hot seat: Hillary's aide Abedin grilled by House Benghazi panel

Clinton violated Espionage Act with private email, source says...

...18 U.S. Code ? 793 - Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information - Section (f)

White House isn't sure how Clinton read TPP text

Hillary Calls For Obamacare, In-state Tuition For Illegal Aliens...Clinton Claims Outsider Status... Makes Pee Pee Joke... Declares War On Nra... Average Age On Stage: 65

Clinton's camp says she 'could have a serious meltdown'

Hillary Clinton and the four dwarves

State Department can't find enough staffers to process Hillary Clinton emails

Obama: Hillary Clinton Email Controversy 'Legitimate'

Meanwhile, the Hillary Clinton Scandal Just Got Even Worse

Hillary Clinton heckled at Hispanic Caucus: 'My deportation will be your funding'

Comcast Rolls Over for Hillary

Hillary Clinton's server subject of hack attempts from China, South Korea, Germany

'Shady Sh*t': FBI Examining Online 'Cloud' Backups of Clinton's Email

WIDE NET: FBI probe of Clinton emails reaches second tech company

Clinton ordered a backup of her email server after she left office in early 2013

State Department tells Hillary Clinton to search for more emails to fill 'gap'

Hillary 6.0. Or is it 7.0? 8.0?

Committee Democrats leak Beghazi info in an effort to help Hillary's testimony later this month

Bill Clinton White House suppressed evidence of Iran's terrorism

GUN CONTROL PUSH: Clinton vows exec action after Oregon shooting

Hillary Clinton's Multiple Personality Disorder

Factcheck: Benghazi panel not 'longest-running congressional investigation ever'

Clinton emails include new classified info

FLASHBACK: Essay-Blizzard of Lies - NY Times columnist William Safire calls Hillary Clinton, 'a congenital liar'

Emails show Russia-linked hackers tried
at least 5 times to break into Clinton private server

Hillary Caught With Undisclosed Work Emails... Perjury?

Emails Between Hillary Clinton And Petraeus Discovered, Contradicting Her Sworn Statement

Hillary Least Trusted Of All Candidates in New Poll

Clinton started editing emails 8 months earlier than thought

FBI confident Clinton emails being recovered: source

FBI Finds Hillary Clinton's Deleted Emails on Her Server

Hillary Clinton: sick, elderly crook

Bernie Sanders: My Budget Won't Be Balanced; 'Taxes Will Go Up'

Sexual Assault Survivor Calls Hillary Clinton A 'Hypocrite'

Press struggles to list Clinton's achievements

MSNBC: Clinton losing the white woman vote

Clinton's Nixonian Email Gap Grows: What's She Hiding?

Hillary trails Sanders in latest Iowa, NH polls

Hillary Clinton staffer rejects 'proffer,' wants immunity for testimony on email server

Clinton Foundation pushed for donation from Iran-linked firm

Intel review backs up finding that Clinton emails had 'top secret' information

Ed Klein: Hillary Adviser Urges Her to Cut a Deal on Email Scandal

Exclusive: Hillary Was Busy Starting A Nonprofit Days After Benghazi

CLINTON CASH: Clintons personally paid staffer for server upkeep: report

Top Bill Clinton Adviser Ran Hillary's Email Server...

...And pleads the 5th

The Clintons' plan to counterattack Obama

Clinton Told Aide to Send Classified Info to Personal Email Address...

... Emails contained spy satellite data on North Korean nukes

... The emails also show Clinton Foundation shaped policy

LAWS FOR ELITES & LAWS FOR THE REST OF US Classified data grows in Clinton emails

Hillary Clinton Emails: Latest Release Contains 150 With Classified Information

Hillary Clinton slips to 37% in Iowa Allowing Sanders To Be Within Striking Distance

What six years of 'reset' have wrought

Clinton ally accused of running interference on email scandal

How long before Hillary drops out?

GOP senator accuses Clinton of improperly passing state secrets to her lawyer

Joe Scarborough: White House Officials Are Privately Furious with Hillary Clinton

Here's what Clinton's classified emails discussed

Information In Dozens of Clinton Emails Was 'Born Classified', report says

CNN Poll: 55% of Registered Voters Have 'Unfavorable' Opinion of Clinton

Clinton troubles encourage efforts to draft Biden

Court says Clinton Emails Broke 'Government Policy'

Watchdog: Two National Security Laws Appear Broken In Clinton Email Scandal

2009 State Dept. Document: Hillary Clinton Trained in 'Safe Handling' of Classified Information

Federal Judge Moves Up Hearing for Hillary Email Case

Clinton Says She Has No Idea if She Wiped Her Private Server

Hillary pulls plug on testy presser over server questions

ARROGANCE Hillary: 'Like with a cloth or something?'

New Clinton email count: 305 documents with potentially classified information

Safe given to lawyer among irregularities seen in review of Hillary Clinton emails

Hillary proves she's ready to lead by rubbing America's nose in her disregard for the law

Hero Marine Nailed for Secret Email: What Did He Do That Hillary Didn't?

Number of Hillary Clinton's emails flagged for classified data grows to 60 as review continues

Clinton downplays email scandal as petty politics; promises transparency

How did Hillary's lawyers search a server no longer in her possession

Report: 'Top Secret' Hillary Email Discussed CIA Drone Program

Parsing Clinton: Deflection, Deception, and Untruths

Intelligence community wants Clinton's security clearance suspended

Surprise: Hillary's Email Server Is Blank

Hillary Clinton May Go To Prison

Hillary Clinton emails contained signal intelligence from spy satellites

State Dept., intel agencies battle as FBI seizes 'blank' Clinton server

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: Incapable of embarrassment

Clinton turns over private server to Justice Dept. amid report it contained 'top secret' emails

Nurses union endorses Sanders over Clinton

Hillary Clinton cracks down on for-profit colleges AFTER she herself cashed in

State Dept. blames classified info for Clinton email delays

Judge Orders State Department Turn Over Thousands of Clinton Documents Before Democratic Primary

Hillary's Two Races: To Keep Ahead of the Investigators, and to Win the White House

Speech on Khamenei Website: Hillary Clinton 'Confessed' That US Created ISIS

Hillary Clinton flip-flops on the Planned Parenthood scandal

Hillary Clinton: My Greatest Weakness Is Stupid People Who Don't Understand Why I Should Be President

U.S. intel fears hundreds of secrets leaked in Hillary's private emails

Andrew Napolitano: Hillary lies again

A.B. Stoddard: Clinton must be joking

DOUBLING DOWN: Clinton denies using server to send classified emails

FLASHBACK To Friday ^^^: Hillary Clinton email account had classified info: IG

Proof Hillary doomed Stevens with 'classified' emails

Hillary Clinton email account had classified info: IG

Usual Clinton tactics won't fix Hillary's new mess

John Boehner: Hillary Clinton's 'Poor Judgement' Has Compromised 'National Security'

Democrats want more elderly white guys to run for president

Disastrous Consequences of Lib Indoctrination from the 60s to Obama

Hillary Clinton, upstaged by Bernie Sanders and other Democratic rivals, slides in polls

Every Day, A New Way for Progressives to Hate

Dodd-Frank: Helping big banks get bigger

'NAIVE' NO MORE? Clinton, who blasted Obama's rogue nation diplomacy in 2007, backs deal

Clintons hit with deposition notices in racketeering case

'This Interview Is Over': Another Clinton Backer (First Paul Bagala, now Lanny Davis) Hangs Up On Host After Grilling Over Clinton Emails

NY POST: Hillary is still a bad liar despite decades of practice

Hillary has her own set of rules and facts

Clinton Foundation Donor Violated Iran Sanctions, Tried to Sell 747s to Tehran

Hillary Clinton's Blizzard of Lies, The Sequel

Clinton Denies Being Subpoenaed; Investigators Release Subpoena

The DELUSIONAL Candidate
Hillary: People Trust Me, Blames 'Constant Barrage Of Attacks' By The Right


Katty Kay: 'There is This Tonal Problem' With Clinton, She Looks 'Irritated' To Be Answering Tough Questions

Hume: Hillary's Private Email Saga 'So Clinton-Esque,' 'You Never Quite Get the Whole Truth' With Her

Hillary Clinton Claims Not To Be Fazed By Growing Bernie Sanders' Crowds

CLINTON CORRAL: Hillary aides rope off reporters at New Hampshire event: Biggest media humiliation ever

Clinton Says She Takes a 'Backseat to No One' Among Liberals

Hillary: The More You Know...

How much longer can she hide the truth?

The Fax Of Life

Massive Crowd! Bernie Sanders Rally
Fills 10,000-Seat Stadium In Madison, Wisconsin

Blumenthal's State Dept. role went far beyond Libya

Clinton Emails: The Benghazi Lie Continues To Unravel

New emails show possible Benghazi deception by Hillary Clinton, Obama admin

Gowdy: Blumenthal Advised Clinton On 'How To Claim Credit For' Libya

Sexual harassment complaints at State Department soar under Clinton, Kerry

Benghazi investigators ponder: Is State Dept lying, or is Hillary?

Documents Clinton's State Dept. didn't want you to read

Hillary Charged Kids' Charity $200,000 For Speech

New files show emails withheld from Benghazi panel

Reporter says Hillary camp denied him event access

Clinton, Blumenthal emails may have been withheld from Benghazi committee

Hillary's gaffe-filled Roosevelt Island re-launch

Here it is 20 min to speech

Watch: Lots of empty space as crowd didn't 'overflow' Hillary campaign re-launch

Hillary Clinton's fifteen biggest scandals

CIA releases memo showing agency blamed Bill Clinton for bankrupting war on terror ahead of 9/11

Favors to foundation donors stretch back to Hillary Clinton's Senate days

Clinton Foundation donors have a bribery problem

Hillary's officials cut criticisms out of State Dept. reports

Disgruntled Wisconsin Democrats Put Socialist Bernie Sanders Within Reach of Toppling Hillary

Clinton political hit man, Sidney Blumenthal, set to testify before Benghazi panel

Hillary Clinton Calls For Automatic Voter Registration At 18, Wants Felons Given Vote

Hillary Clinton's camp asks supporters to house staffers: 'Got a spare room or couch?'

Intellectual Dishonesty

Bernie Sanders: Women 'fantasize about being raped by 3 men simultaneously'

Hillary is inevitable no more

NEW EMAIL FALLOUT Feds alarmed over Hillary's recordkeeping for 5 years

Judge orders Clinton Foundation racketeering case to trial

Sidney Blumenthal, a Hillary Clinton Confidant, Revealed as Source of Benghazi Lie About YouTube Video

... and yet still no investigation into Hillary Clinton selling the influence of her office for personal profit

Pew Poll: 53% Say Hillary Not Honest... 61% of Independents

Clinton emails ignored growing crisis of anti-Western violence in Libya

Recovered Emails Prove Obama Administration Weighed Alternative Explanations (LIES) For Benghazi Attack

What the State Department didn't want you to see in Clinton's emails

Trey Gowdy: Clinton emails 'self selected'

LOOK WHO'S TALKING: ABC rep in Stephanopoulos flap tied to Clintons

Hillary's Iraq War Press Pass

The only 2016 presidential candidates getting grilled by the press this month on the Middle East and the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq are the ones who had no part in authorizing the use of force

Clinton's Benghazi emails show conversations with Sidney Blumenthal, banned adviser

FOUND MONEY Clinton Foundation admits millions of $$ unreported

Another Reason Why Hillary Clinton Does Not Deserve To Be President

Hillary Clinton Runs Away From Question About Why She Deleted Emails

Hillary Caught in Another Email Lie: Docs Reveal She Used Second Private Account While Sec. of State

Hillary Clinton supported Iraq War - before she opposed it

Hillary Clinton personally took money from companies that sought to influence her

George Stephanopoulos has forfeited all trust as a newsman

10 Questions Abc News & Stephanopoulos Must Answer About His Hidden $75,000 Clinton Foundation Donation

Undisclosed: Stephanopoulos A Member Of Clinton Global Initiative Just Years Ago...

Why Stephanopoulos tarnished his credibility by hiding his Clinton Foundation donations

ABC's Stephanopoulos, Who Contributed $75,000 (first said $50,000) to Clinton Foundation, Will Not Moderate GOP Debate

Flashback 1996: Why ABC shouldn't hire Stephanopoulos

Most firms that gave to Clinton Foundation also lobbied State Department

'Clinton Cash' Author Slams Stephanopoulos, ABC News for 'Massive Breach of Ethical Standards'

Hillary Clinton facing new ethics questions on role in Boeing deal

Chinese Govt. Put $200,000 In Bill Clinton's Pocket in 2011

Hillary backs illegal immigration: 'You know where I stand'

Hillary Clinton under fire in South Carolina for being 'old, white and rich'

Hillary Clinton's Chevron conflict

Sinking Fast: Hillary Clinton Trails Or Tied With 5 Republicans In New Hampshire

Carly Fiorina Answered 50 Press Questions In 1 Day, Hillary Clinton Answered 7 In 25

Hillary the Panderer: I would 'go even further' than Obama on immigration

What the Clintons Haven't Learned

Clinton agrees to testify this month before House committee on Benghazi, private emails

Hillary Clinton rejects Bill's immigration crackdown, vows lenient approach

Hillary Clinton pushed left as Bernie Sanders' socialist ideas resonate in Iowa

The Clinton Foundation as a money-laundering scheme

Washington Post Uncovers 1,100 Hidden Foreign 'Clinton Cash' Donations

Hillary Avoids Press Question By Talking to Herself?

In 2013, The Clinton Foundation Only Spent 10 Percent Of Its Budget On Charitable Grants


11 Explosive Clinton Cash Facts That The Mainstream Media Confirm are Accurate

Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal

The Clintons' Other, Truly Bodacious Mine Boondoggle

Hillary on the brink of collapse

Fleeing Hillary: Top Dem money man departs because Clinton hasn't answered ethics questions

Romney: "Every appearance that Hillary Clinton was bribed" on uranium deal

The Clintons and American National Security

Clinton Donors, Relatives Got Rich Off Haiti Contracts, Us Taxpayer

Bill Clinton Steps Down As Honorary Chancellor Of World's Largest For-Profit College Chain

The Depressing Appeal of Hillary's Phony Populism

Politico: Hillary's 'clinton Cash' Dismissal Is Dead In The Water-It's Not Going Away

NY Post: Foreign Cash Made Clintons 'Filthy Rich'


The Hillary Letters
Unpublished correspondence between Hillary and Saul Alinsky

The Walker-Stupid, Obama-Genius Myth

Liberalism in Ruins


Harry Reid is the Worst Living Human Being on The Planet

MSNBC Does It Again


American Spectator

American Thinker

Associated Press





Daily Beast

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Election projection



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13 polls were dead-wrong about Iowa

EU will FALL amid terror and migrant strain - and it's starting in Germany, admits EU head


Mississippi Democrat Urges Constituents to Hurl Rocks, Bricks and Bottles at Police (VIDEO)

Dear Media: Stop Trying To Teach Christians Theology

FARRAKHAN: The System Of Justice In America Should All Be 'Destroyed'

Jeb Challenges Trump to Debate - Trump Posts Photo of Jeb Picking Nose

How Polls Manipulate Voters, No Matter The Results

Three Global Warming Stories The Media Don't Want You To See

Deserter Bergdahl: Taliban Asked Me if Obama Was Gay

BREAKING WITH OBAMA - UK: Muslim Brotherhood a national security risk

Planned Parenthood hit with federal fetal tissue research probe, defunding in Utah

The Fallacy of Socialism and the Fools Who Fall For It

Democratic Party wants a taxpayer-funded bailout for their convention

FLASHBACK: Jimmy Carter Banned Iranians from US, Deported Iranian Students During Hostage Crisis

7 Gun Control Myths That Just Won't Die

14 Things Everyone Should Understand About Guns

Despite recent attacks, abortion clinic violence is down

The 'God Isn't Fixing This' Liberal Media

2703 Shootings, 440 Deaths Year-To-Date In Heavily Gun-Controlled Chicago

15 Excerpts That Show How Radical, Weird And Out of Touch College Campuses Have Become

Georgia sheriff installs 'politically incorrect' welcome sign

How the Left Thinks about the War on Terror

How the Left Misreads World Affairs

Cruz: Obama administration 'apologists for radical Islamic terrorists'

Cruz: This president is beyond parody

WON'T SPEAK ITS NAME? Clinton, Dems refuse to use the term 'radical Islam'

FBI Has Nearly 1,000 Active ISIS Probes Inside U.S.

Obama still plans to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees despite Paris terrorist attacks...

...Rep. Peter King: 'We Don't Know Who These People Are'

New Muslim Majority City Council Member in Michigan Issues Warning

Only Conservatives Can Save The American Campus - But Should We?

'Meet The Press' Breaks Down Democratic Party's Massive Losses Under Obama: The 'Obama Political Machine' Is 'A Lie'

University officials agree to rip up Constitution in undercover video

Carly Fiorina Destroys The Women Of 'The View

Sorry, Social Justice Warriors: Political Correctness Has Peaked

The Causes of Income Inequality

Climate science frauds try to hide data from Congress

$20 trillion man: National debt nearly doubles during Obama presidency


After vowing to end two wars, Obama may leave three behind

Obama-Clinton Emails Render His Related Kroft Interview Statements False

The Evil of Gun-free Zones

Senate Dems to block anti-'sanctuary city' bill

Bernie Sanders Vows to Lead Fight Not Against Jihad Terror, but Against 'Islamophobia'

Sanders in 1985: Castro 'Educated Their Kids, Gave Their Kids Health Care, Totally Transformed Society'

Fuming Bernie supporters: Why is CNN deleting our comments?

Sorry, Bernie Sanders. Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour Wouldn't
Create Millions of Jobs. But It Might Destroy Them

Union membership collapses when workers allowed to exit

The Journalists' Handbook: How to Write any Story Without Working At It

Study: Democratic polarization exceeds Republican polarization, for what it's worth

Upenn Professor Anthea Butler: Brain-surgeon Ben Carson Deserves 'Coon Of The Year' Award

Differences between the Right and the Left on Gun Control

How 7 years of Obama brought the world from Kumbaya to chaos

Barack Obama promises to shut down the government for Christmas

Thinkprogress FAIL: Group Attacks The Right For Oregon 'Gun-free Zone' Claim'


INCREDIBLE: Did Hillary Clinton Spike CBS' Coverage Of Benghazi?

Emails show Clinton 'leadership, ownership' of U.S. policy in Libya

Russian airstrikes reportedly target CIA-backed rebels, civilians in Syria

Obama vows troops-bill veto, demands domestic spending hikes

Rep. Gutierrez: I Respect The Law That an Unborn Baby With a Human Heart Is Not a Human Being

Sheriff Clarke - The Liberal Media Is Misleading Black Americans About Democrats And They're Starting To Figure It Out

One Weird Chart That Explains the Great Recession

Planned Parenthood Paid Protestors Who Threw Condoms At Carly Fiorina

EXPLOSIVE VIDEO: Planned Parenthood Testimony Gets Heated After Questions Arise About Salary And Fund Allocation Using YOUR Tax Dollars

Debbie Wasserman Schultz's vile cheap shot

Vatican outraged by Obama's invite of LGBT activists to pope's White House ceremony: report

Scientists Ask Obama To Prosecute Global Warming Skeptics

Russia to U.S.: cooperate with us or risk 'unintended consequences'

Dems block bill opposing Iran deal

'Something's wrong': The ISIS intelligence scandal just hit Obama's inner circle

Harry Reid declares victory as Obama wins enough votes for Iran nuke deal filibuster

Union Boycotts Obama's Labor Day Address: 'This Is a Horror Show'

Obama unleashed: President bashes trickle-down economics, Walker, Christie at Labor Day rally

On Labor, Consider the Injustice of Forced Union Dues

#BlackLivesMatter's agenda is costing black lives

Delusional Obama: Climate change increasing 'faster than we previously thought'

Donald Trump's Rise Is Directly Linked to Obama's Destruction of American Society

Judge blocks Obama EPA rule as federal power grab over state waters

Obama Trying To Sneak Gitmo's Worst Terrorists Into U.S.

Biden buzz grows as vice president meets with Elizabeth Warren in D.C.

Media Ignores Constitutional Experts Debunking Birthright Citizenship

Trump's Critics Are Wrong about the Fourteenth Amendment and Birthright Citizenship

Bernie Sanders has no time for your silly questions

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, DNC chair, can't name differences between Democrats, socialists

The Left's Circus Tent Science

Animas River closed to public after EPA dumps 1M gallons of waste...

...Alarmed Public Getting Few Answers From EPA About the Toxic Spill It Caused

Black Pastors Demand Smithsonian Museum Have 'Higher Standards' and Remove Bust of Planned Parenthood Founder

CITY UNDER SIEGE: Baltimore calls in feds to help cops handle violence

LA Bans Possession of Standard Capacity Magazines

Ted Cruz Speaks at Freedom Partners 2015

Fiorina: Clinton 'Lied' About Benghazi, Emails; 'These Go to the Core of Her Character'

Obama shouldn't have the last laugh on carbon rules

Leftists Use Black Lives Matter to Exploit Blacks, Again

Clinton aide may have 'delivered favors' for friends, IG finds

Dark Money Floods Into Hillary Super Pac

Federal Government Hires Lunatic Comedian Dick Gregory to Deliver Anti-White Tirade to Employees

Louis FarraKLAN: If the Federal Gov't Does Not Intercede, 'We Must Rise Up & Kill Those Who Kill Us'

In Defense of Incivility

Marxism in Action


Ted Cruz on the Senate floor: Mitch McConnell's a liar and our new majority is a cronyist fraud

Planned Parenthood defector says loophole lets clinics profit from fetal organ sales

AND SO IT BEGINS: White House plan would keep guns from millions on Social Security

White House Celebrates Muslim Holiday On Day Muhammad Murders Four Marines

Planned Parenthood's Dead Baby Trafficking & 10 Other Major Stories Our Media Missed

Obama: Federal gov't will integrate races into wealthy communities

Federal Judge orders Obama administration to court to explain why it has ignored his immigration injunction

Map: More than 200 'sanctuary cities' in 32 states and D.C.

Map Reveals Vast Network Of 'Sanctuaries' For Dangerous Illegal Aliens

Judge Cancels Redskins' Trademark Registration

Double-Digit Premium Hike Requests Signal Start of Obamacare 'Death Spiral'

Bernie Sanders: 'Real unemployment' rate under Obama is 10.5 percent

CDC official called Obama 'Marxist,' 'amateur' over 2014 border surge

DAMNING ADMISSION: Docs show Cosby admits using drugs for assault

How Liberals Use Black People

How Liberals Use Black People, Part II

CBO: Feds Taxing More, Spending More, Running Bigger Deficit in 2015

The Intolerance of Intolerance

JOINING THE FRAY: Arkansas follows Indiana, OKs religious freedom law

The Left wages total war; and then plays victim

Two Years Later, You'll Still Be Made to Care

5 Years In, Obamacare Hasn't Aged Well

The Mask Slips On The Climate Scam

The Party of the Poor?

Zogby Presidential Report Card: Obama must explain Iran deal, Fast

Obama's NLRB to help illegal workers testify against employers so they can stay in America

Democrats for a Dictatorial Presidency



The Democrats' Thugocracy

What happened to US influence?

Gutierrez reveals WH considering implementing exec amnesty in 24 states that didn't join lawsuit

Ambassador John Bolton: 'Obama Worse Than Neville Chamberlain'

OBAMA VERSUS AMERICA - At every opportunity abroad he denigrates his own country

Obama's budget: Bad policy, bad politics

Illegal immigrants released from custody committed 1,000 new crimes


WH warning GOP to not block Obama's illegal executive amnesty

Hillary Clinton's 'WMD' moment: U.S. intelligence saw false narrative in Libya

Tens of millions remain uninsured despite Dear Leader fining them for it

Expert: North Korea Could Hand Nukes Over To Iran

Communist Party USA Chairman Vows Cooperation With Democratic Party

Bill Maher: Liberal 'bullying' on Islam debate makes them 'part of the problem'

Price of Electricity Hit Record High in U.S. in 2014

Gallup: 60% of Americans Don't Trust News Media

Netanyahu: 'We've Seen This Before. There's a Master Race; Now There's a Master Faith'

Danusha V. Goska: Ten Reasons Why I Am No Longer a Leftist

Paris on fire: Thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters clash with French police

Rush Limbaugh Wins Children's Author of the Year Award

More than 1 million Americans may be receiving wrong ObamaCare subsidies

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