Eric Holder: 'I Am the Attorney General... but I'm Also a Black Man'

The AG of the United States says he understands 'mistrust' of Ferguson police

6 Times Black Americans Jumped to Racial Conclusions

O'Reilly: The Truth About Ferguson (VIDEO)

***BREAKING NEWS*** Dorian Johnson has now admitted that Michael Brown attacked

Original Witnesses' 'Hands Up' Brown Stories Falling Apart

Most Americans Disapprove of Media's Coverage of Ferguson

Report: Only 3 of 78 Arrested Protesters Were Ferguson Residents

AP: 'Holder Bringing Personal Perspective to Ferguson'

Eric Holder: Michael Brown Death Cause for 'Robust Action' to Increase Police Diversity

BREAKING REPORT: Officer Darren Wilson Suffered "Orbital Blowout Fracture to Eye Socket" During Mike Brown Attack

Caller says she has the officer's side of the Ferguson shooting

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Reporter: More Than A Dozen Witnesses Corroborate Cop's Story

Top cop slams Ferguson 'criminals' as dozens arrested during tense night

Obama on Ferguson: 'I Have to Be Careful About Not Pre-Judging Events'

Holder at center of storm

Chaos in Ferguson as dozens defy curfew, protest descends into violence

Ferguson police say Michael Brown fit description of strong-arm robbery suspect

Protests turn peaceful in Ferguson as Highway Patrol takes over security

Looters storm store of robbery as police, protesters clash in Ferguson

Robbery Tape Humiliates Media's 'Gentle Giant' Narrative...

Congress (mostly Democrats) goes after police

Ferguson State Sen: MO's Democrat Governor 'Doesn't Care About Black People'...

Police Brutality Isn't on the Rise-- but Citizens Are More Empowered than Ever to Expose It

Palestinian Leader Mudar Zahran: Hamas is killing my people

The Obama Doctrine: Pretend to Give a Damn-Until You Don't Have To

F/A-18 jets dropped 500-pound laser guided bombs on ISIL

5 Reasons Not to Trust the 'What Me Worry' Media About Ebola

Netanyahu to US: Don't second guess me on Hamas

Pro-Palestine Protestors Try to Light an Israeli Flag Afire -- in Front of The White House!

Harry Reid: We'll Attach Senate Amnesty Bill to House Border Bill

President Obama proposes to nullify the law by executive decree

Haitian Illegal Immigration Through Puerto Rico Is Skyrocketing Too


...This Week 'Critical' for Congress to Thwart Obama's Plans to Nullify Immigration Laws

Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa predicts 'thunderclap' of impeachment if Obama moves toward amnesty for illegals

GOP: Border patrol agents handcuffed by wildlife rules


House Democrats suggest Obama impeachment is imminent to raise cash

White House Talks Impeachment, and Yes, It's a Political Maneuver

Jeff Sessions: Amnesty Will Lure More Adults, Create Bigger Crisis

Obama Promises No Asylum for Migrants Fleeing Poverty, Bad Neighborhoods (Does Anyone Believe Him?)

GOP rejects housing illegal immigrants on US bases

Sessions: Melt Congress' Phone Lines, Stop Obama's Planned Executive Amnesty

White House Trying To Expand Illegal Immigrants' Rights

Senate border bill doomed?

House Republicans fear backlash from punting border bill to the fall

Central American leaders blame U.S. for border crisis

Obama Eyes Major Immigration Move

Illegals Behind 3,000 homicides & 8,000 Sexual Assaults in Texas since '08

Congressman Luis Gutierrez to La Raza: Get Amnesty to 'Punish' Americans Against Illegal Immigration

Perry to Deploy National Guard to US-Mexico Border

Troops to Head to Rio Grande Valley, Ranches in North Texas

Obama's America an 'Unfunded Charity' for Illegals to Overrun

Border Patrol target of Rio Grande gunfire

Cruz calls for end to 'Obama amnesty'

Hundreds of anti-illegal immigration protests taking place across America

Obama border bill divides Dems

Two-thirds of illegal immigrant children approved for asylum: report

Ukraine Claims Evidence Pro-Russians Shot Down Malaysia Flight MH17

'WE JUST SHOT DOWN A PLANE' Intercepted calls point finger at Russian separatists in jet downing

Malaysia Airlines MH17 black boxes reportedly recovered, Russia denies it will take them from rebels

Putin: Ukraine holds responsibility for Malaysian tragedy

Moves quickly to control crash information

Shepard Smith: State Dep't Briefing 'Highly Inappropriate'

Israeli PM orders military to prepare for 'significant expansion' in Gaza

CNN Reporter Calls Israelis 'Scum'

Hamas issues social-media rules for rocket attacks

Netanyahu: Israel would pay a greater price without a ground operation

Israel launches major ground offensive against Hamas

Netanyahu: Purpose of mission to destroy terror tunnels and seriously harm the infrastructure of Hamas

Army says 10 days of Hamas attacks the cause of invasion


Divide deepens on border crisis fix

8 Myths In The Immigration Debate

Report: Illegal Immigrant Children Have Lice So Bad 'They Can Be Seen Crawling Down' Their Faces (Video)

Immigration crisis: Tuberculosis spreading at camps

Medical staff warned: Keep your mouths shut about illegal immigrants or face arrest

Border Patrol Agent Contracts Scabies from Obama's Illegal Alien DREAMERs

SMALL LIFELESS, DEAD CHILDREN Found "Washed Up Along Riverbank" of Rio Grande

Obama Administration Revises Immigration Estimates... Tries To Downplay

Protesters to 'Mobilize' Against Feds Dumping Alien Minors into Their Town

Amnesty, Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis and Bill Clinton

Poll: Three in Five Want Illegal Immigrant Kids Sent Back Home

Krauthammer: The immigration no-brainer

Obama, Senate Democrats clash over how to handle border crisis

Armed militia sets up Texas command center to 'fight for national sovereignty'

Resolution filed ordering arrest of Lois Lerner

Judge demands IRS explain lost emails

Obama to GOP: Sue me? Impeach me? For what?

Support For Amnesty Is Only Strong With Elites, Not Regular Americans

40% of Federal Criminal Cases in 2013 Were in Districts on Mexican Border

Prepare for Riots: Murrieta residents brace for 'blood and pepper spray'

Texas AG Greg Abbott considers suing feds over undocumented children

Obama admin is going to deploy riot squads to make sure those buses get through: To attack Americans!

Rick Perry: Obama administration 'either are inept or don't care' about border crisis

Homeland Security Secretary dodges questions on illegal immigrant children

In Texas, 'Buses Idle Near the Border Wall...Awaiting Loads of Immigrants'

Immigration agents accused of database abuse; cartels make corruption easy

Newburyport Daily News: Immigration problem is Obama's fault

Obama under pressure to visit US-Mexico border

DISEASE FEARS: Border Patrol union warns about immigrant illnesses

Deportation data: We are being lied to

Fix these immigration outrages

Why the White House Wants Amnesty

Illegal immigrant charged with rape while in Philadelphia, a sanctuary city

Liberty: the road not taken

Ethics in the Age of Obama



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Obamacare suffers bad news on cost, tax fronts

Pelosi Subsidies Benefit Husband's Investment in Dem Mega-Donor's Company

Congress under pressure from left and right to 'demilitarize' police

Harry Reid shifts funds in effort to maintain Democrats' Senate majority

DOCUMENT: Homeland Security Predicts Rise of 'Anti-Government' Violence

Meet the Cops Who Gave Their Lives

Rob Reiner (the meathead) Likens Tea Party to Hamas

Two Paths - A Must Read

DHS broke law in releasing hundreds of criminal aliens: Audit

Hollywood tries to save Senate for Dems

Judges are not 'neutral umpires'

Fighting on Scott Walker's Turf

The Obama Economic Record: The Worst Five Years Since World War II

Obama: GOP'S 'Extremist Ideology,' 'Balkanization of Media' 'Blocked' My Agenda

Barack, We Hardly Knew Ye-And That's the Problem!

US reportedly supplying weapons directly to Kurdish forces in Iraq

McCain: Iraq airstrikes 'clearly ineffective'

Hillary Clinton blasts Obama over 'stupid' foreign policies plan

IDF wipes out remaining known Hamas tunnels in Gaza

How the Media Craft Victory for Hamas

How to Discredit Your Critics


Obama's map of misreading

Readin', Writin' and Social Justice Agitatin'

Buchanan: Obama Planning to 'Transform' America with Amnesty for 'Undocumented Democrats'

Israel says all ground troops out of Gaza as cease-fire takes effect

Federal Debt Up $7 Trillion Under Obama

Doctors begin to refuse Medicare patients

A confident and clueless president

Number of Unemployed Women Increased in July by 227,000

Ex-CIA lawyer defends interrogation program as Obama says US 'tortured'

Justice Ginsburg: Buying Contraceptives for Others is One of the 'Obligations That Citizens Have'

Obama: Troll Hard With a Vengeance

Obama and the road not taken

Obama Thanks Muslims for 'Building the Very Fabric of Our Nation'

NEW YORK IS BACK! Man dressed as Spider-Man arrested in Times Square after attacking police officer

Judge finds no basis for ban on carrying in D.C. - Liberals scramble to keep law-abiding defenseless against criminals

Obama quietly expands government's 'watchlist' - You don't have to be terror suspect to be chosen

US evacuates embassy in Libya amid clashes

Russia firing artillery at Ukraine military targets

Levin to Jon Stewart: If Hamas Had Weapons Israel Has, 'Israel Would Cease to Exist'

Obama's empty tough-talk: Gun prosecutions plummet on his watch

The Left's Dark Money Managers Harry Reid Isn't Talking About

Dems push back against deploying National Guard to border

ObamaCare in death spiral after federal appeals court strikes down some subsidies

False applicants reportedly getting covered easily

Chicago Jews Threatened By Leaflets

Latest Obama claim: I don't learn anything from the news

Egypt/Israel To John Kerry's Mediation Offer 'Please God, NO!'

Malaysia Air MH-17: Vladimir Putin gets away with murder

Monitors claim rebels tampering with Malaysia Airlines crash site despite UN resolution

Monitors work to secure Malaysia Airlines crash site as Ukraine accuses Russia of destroying evidence

Russian Separatists Take Responsibility on Facebook For Malaysian Passenger Plane


Almost two dozen Americans are killed by a missile attack and Obama goes to a fundraiser

Malaysia Airlines flight was 1,000 feet above restricted Ukraine airspace...

Ground-to-air missile used

295 passengers dead

23 Americans killed

Obama gives crash 40 seconds before telling jokes...

Plane was 33,000 feet when shot down

Ukraine claims fighter plane shot down by Russian missile

Wall Street roiled by reports jetliner crashed near Ukraine

Body parts have been scattered seven miles within the crash site

Obama talks to Putin, asks aides for reports of plane crash

Former Labor Secretary Hilda Solis Illegally Solicited Subordinate's Help for OFA Fundraiser

Listen To The Voicemail

Unaccompanied Immigrant Minors to Be Placed in Florida Foster Homes

Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Molesting 9 Year Old Girl - Has Already Been Deported FOUR Times!

Obama's Change in Immigration Law Behind Central American Immigration Surge

Congress: Use the power of the purse to save the border

Israel says Hamas fires three mortars from Gaza during cease-fire window

Egyptians increasingly critical of Hamas

House moves to reign in FCC powers

Federal Tax Revenues Set Record Through June; Feds Still Running $385.8B Deficit

CONFIRMED: Military Officers Were Told to "Stay in Place" at Benghazi

--Obama's Pentagon 'Laying Off' Thousands of Military Officers

FLASHBACK Oct. 2013: Obama Purging Military Commanders--

Obama the pariah

Obama's 'blank check' rejected as border solution

President Obama 'sending illegals to states without notice'

The Hill: Immigration Reform a Loser for Democrats in 2014

Massachusetts sheriff squawks over Bristol County being used as illegal immigrant dumping ground

Clear as what? Earnest defends notion of 'most transparent administration' in US history

Israel says it shot down drone launched from Gaza

Netanyahu vows 'any means necessary' to stop Hamas

Democrat Congressman: Tax Drivers for Every Mile They Drive

Shilling for the Jihadis: NYT and WaPo Stand with the Muslim Brotherhood

Billionaires Call for Amnesty as Obama Plans to Legalize Millions of Illegal Aliens with Executive Power

MSNBC host: These calls for Obama's impeachment are "treasonous accusations"

Obama: My Amnesty Programs Not Luring 'Misinformed' Parents to Send Kids to US

'DEAL WITH THIS': Perry calls on Obama to relieve border crisis

What's Obama hiding at illegal-alien 'refugee' camps?

Jonah Goldberg: Immigration Crisis 'Worse Than Katrina'

Democrats play the race card to stir up their base

Palestinians Use Photos from Syria to Smear Israel Online

Report: ISIS just seized a bunch of uranium in Iraq

GOP: Lerner warned IRS employees to hide information from Congress

Liberals go to the barricades to defend crony capitalism

Democrats plan on making Hobby Lobby their midterm message

Obama's Incompetence Sinks In

35 Times Obama Was Interested in a Photo Op

Ex-New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Corruption

Why isn't the LEFT freaking out about Eric Holder still having a job?

Conservative groups take the IRS to court

Pro-Amnesty Crowd Burns American Flag at Murrieta on 4th of July

Border Meltdown: Obama Delivering 290,000 Illegals To U.S. Homes

Immigration rallies clash in California: 'Go back to Europe!'

Ad campaign denying legalization aimed at parents of children surging across border

Kirsten Powers: Hillary Clinton 'Way Over the Top' on Hobby Lobby

85 percent of ObamaCare 'inconsistencies' can't be fixed

Obama's 'Year of Action' Becomes 'Year of Reaction'

SCOTUS's shellacking of Obama

Medical staff warned: Keep your mouths shut about illegal immigrants or face arrest

Illegal immigrants already being released to neighborhood near you

Not Here! Protesters Force Re-Routing of Buses Carrying Illegal Aliens

That bad, huh? Newspaper so disappointed in Obama it apologizes for 2008 endorsement

Zogby Report Card: Obama has 'lost public trust in his leadership'

Army's Apache under assault: PC police call helicopter's name racist

Lawless Dems to Obama: Forget GOP on immigration, change policy now

Democrats: No bluff, Obama will go it alone on immigration

Senators demand Obama 'personally' push back against illegal immigrant surge

Krauthammer on Obama's 'Tremendous Level of Arrogance': If Republican, He Would Be Impeached

Meet The Seven IRS Employees Whose Computers Crashed

Pelosi the Grandstander


Fringe President Obama Calls Climate-Change Skeptics 'Fringe' Element

Obama now in all-out free fall

Media Bias and the Obama Scandals

An Intellectually Honest Media Would Ask This Question

Democrats Are Trying to Rewrite the First Amendment

Poor care at VA hospitals cost 1,000 veterans their lives, report says

The Left Reboots for Total War

Pope Francis takes on the Italian mafia: 'They are excommunicated'

Harry Reid is the Worst Living Human Being on The Planet

MSNBC Does It Again


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Mitt Romney: Obama worse than even I expected

The Meltdown - MUST READ

As World Chaos Continues, Obama Quietly Retreats to Martha's Vineyard

Ben Carson challenges Al Sharpton to debate

National Guard called in after latest night of clashes

Ferguson rep: Response 'unacceptable'

Former NYPD chief defends response - "There were Molotov cocktails thrown."

Obama Back in Washington on Unexplained Vacation Break

Democrats, Obama target GOP foes with phony scandals

Obama's Hubris is His Undoing

Left-Wing WaPo Columnist: 'Obama Vacations as the World Burns'

Robin Williams, Suicide By Hanging. No Note

5 Race Riots in Obama's Post-Racial America

Get Ready for Denials

Who rules America?

As the world falls apart Obama goes on vacation yet again

Russian bombers penetrated U.S. airspace at least 16 times in past 10 days

Obama: Pulling All U.S. Troops Out of Iraq Was Not 'My Decision'

State Department hires testimony coach to prepare for congressional grillings

Islamic State: Grooming Children For Jihad

Talk About Change: Coal Miners Union In Full Revolt After Supporting Obama In 2008

Sheila Jackson-Lee Should Be Impeached For Encroaching Senility

Rush Limbaugh: 'There is no journalism anymore'

Obama's (LOL!) economic advisors warn against delays on greenhouse gases

Dems pump up impeachment talk in appeal for support, campaign bucks

ISTOOK: Obama wants to be impeached

World Leaders Lambast Obama's 'Failures' in the Middle East

3 rockets hit Israel as Hamas rejects Gaza truce

Israeli Officials 'Horrified' at Kerry Ceasefire Proposal, 'Complete Cave-In' to Hamas

What Hamas Planned To Do With The Terror Tunnels

The Vacant Presidency

What is Obama Hiding at His Wealthy Donor Fundraisers

Cruz Suggests Flight Ban is Boycott of Israel

Hamas resists Kerry's attempts at cease-fire deal as fighting rages

TUNNELS OF TERROR: Israel finds additional, sophisticated passageways

Nancy Pelosi is adamant: Congress worked together when Bush was president

Federal Appeals Court Deals Major Blow to ObamaCare

IRS seeks help destroying another 3,200 hard drives

Sen. Graham: 'Obama Has Become the King of Indecision'

The Tranquility of Obama's Mind...

...Self-delusion and a rich fantasy life are dangerous in a president

McConnell: Obama waging war on business, not just coal

Danusha V. Goska: Ten Reasons Why I Am No Longer a Leftist

Paris on fire: Thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters clash with French police

Mrs. Obama's Operation VA Scandal Distraction

Chicago shooting spree: 22 people shot in 12 hours

A fracking problem for Dems

Pretty much everyone expressing dismay over White House response to world falling apart

Oklahoma Supreme Court upholds state's Common Core repeal

Harry Reid's name surfaces in Utah bribery case against two former attorneys general

Josh Earnest has already mastered the art of creatively not answering reporters' questions

The Truth About Iraq And Why It Matters

Obama stays in campaign mode, then complains of gridlock

Megyn Kelly Slams Obama Administration for Intentional Misrepresentations

Obama Skitters, Scampers and Scuttles Away From Failure

'I,' 'Me,' 'My'- Obama Uses First Person Singular 199 Times in Speech Vowing Unilateral Action

This Washington Post puff piece on President Obama's recent fundraising tour is really something else

Holder sees 'racial animus' in opposition

Rockets from Lebanon militants hit northern Israel as hostilities escalate

Charles Schumer (D-NY) to Religious Americans: Pick One--Your Faith or Your Business

The Common Core Assault on Homeschooling

Obama approval high with Muslims

It's More Than a Smidgen

Mark Levin Unveils Three-Step Border Plan

Ted Cruz: Barack Obama has been offering amnesty to illegal immigrants

Sarah Palin: 'It's Time to Impeach' President Obama

Deportations of Illegal Minors Dropped 80 Percent Under Obama

LIMBAUGH: Obama Regime Planned the Influx of Illegal Alien Children at the Border

U.N. Wants Refugee Status for Central Americans Coming to U.S. Illegally

Appeals court rules immigrant 'dreamers' can get driver's licenses...

...Next step: Motor Voter registration for non-citizens

Dems plot legislative offensive on high court's birth control decision

Israeli military launches new airstrikes, vows to stop Hamas 'once and for all'

Unleashed Upon America: Obama Unchained!

Hillary's prints on another Benghazi scandal

Obama to Texas: 3 Fundraisers, No Border Visit

Obama to GOP: Bring it on

Record Number of Women Not Participating in the Labor Force in June

Texas Gov. Rick Perry says U.S. border less secure now

Border Patrol Agent Apparently Defies Gag Order to Go Unfiltered on CNN

Obama channels Saul Alinsky with 'so sue me' speech

Apollo Astronaut: Climate Alarmism Is the 'Biggest Fraud in the Field of Science

WH: No change to immigrant surge strategy 'at this point'

Israel Releases Audio of Kidnapped Teens' Emergency Call from Captivity

The Jew-Hating Obama Administration

Eric Holder: The 'Most Dangerous Man In The Obama Administration'

The Hobbled Hobby Lobby Decision

Why Did Bill Ayers Agree to an interrogation?

The war on religion

Obama: I will bypass Congress to fix immigration

59% Blame Obama For Flood Of Child Border Crossings

Gohmert: Enforce Immigration Laws or Become 'A Third-World Nation'

Iraq deaths surpass 2,400 in June, United Nations says

'You Sound Like Osama bin Laden': Megyn Kelly Goes Toe-to-Toe with Bill Ayers

How Can Anyone Trust Obama?

50 VA hospital workers claim retaliation for blowing whistle on the horrors they saw

Canada Pulls Plug on Keystone Pipeline - Will Send Oil to Asia

ISIS declares creation of Islamic state 'for the Muslims everywhere'

Majority Leader's Pledge Suggests GOP Waking Up On Immigration

Court releases memo justifying drone strikes on Americans

The scandal of fiddled global warming data

WH Admits 'Rumors' of Amnesty Motivating Illegal Border Flood

Perry invites Obama to visit border

Border Patrol Union Leader Says Administration Offers "De Facto Amnesty"

Gallup: Public Confidence in TV News at All-Time Low

Approval of Obama's Handling of Immigration Falls to 31%

Border Crisis Spreads to Other Sectors, Says Border Patrol Union

Dirty Little Secrets Politicians Won't Tell You About Illegal Immigration

Angry Virgina Residents Say 'No' to Obama Administration's Plan To House Illegals

Congress's New Low

Darrell Issa: Records Like Lois Lerner's Emails 'Don't Just Disappear... Unless That Was the Intention'

White House: No emails between White House, Lerner

FAST AND FURIOUS: Second suspect charged in border agent's death

Obama's Foreign Policy Approval Rating Falls to New Low

Contractor that vetted Snowden gets load of work after paying lobbyists

Obama to Congress: I don't need new permission on Iraq

Rush: 'No one safe' after Redskins ruling

How President Obama will be impeached

Greenpeace Founder: Climate Change is Bunk

Obama: U.S. will send up to 300 military advisers to Iraq

Common Core Standards 'Fracture' as States Pull Support

Price of Electricity Hit Record High for May

Amnesty for illegals unfair to Hispanic and other legal immigrants

Majority of Texans say undocumented immigrants in the U.S. should be deported immediately

NYC Overwhelmed by Illegal Immigrant Children

Why'd it take nearly two years to arrest a Benghazi suspect who wasn't hiding?

Why the Benghazi suspect isn't going to Guantanamo Bay

IRS Was Required By Law to Print Out Lois Lerner's Emails

As college student, Eric Holder participated in 'armed' takeover of former Columbia University ROTC office

Rush Limbaugh Wins Children's Author of the Year Award

More than 1 million Americans may be receiving wrong ObamaCare subsidies

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